Pre-Test Lesson

Ready to take your driving test?

Before you book your test, I would recommend taking a pre-test lesson first, to assess your skill level. This will give you an idea as to how you will perform on your real test, as well as giving you time to practice skills that are not yet up to test standard.

What is a pre-test lesson?

A pre-test lesson is basically a ‘mock test’. I will ask you ‘Rules of the Road’ questions, vehicle control checks and questions (including ‘under the bonnet’ questions), and direct you on a drive that covers main roads, residential areas, roundabouts and traffic controls. I will also be asking you to perform a turnabout, left reverse around a corner, hand signals, and finally parking. Throughout the drive I will be marking you on a real exam sheet, and at the end we will go over your results. If you do not pass your pre-test, I will recommend further actions to take in terms of practice, and give advice as to when you should book your test. 

Recommended viewing from ISM & the Road Safety Authority:

Rules of the Road

I recommend going over the RSA ‘Rules of the Road’ again before your test, just to make sure you remember what you have learned from your Theory Test and EDT lessons.